Big D

Howdy! I’m from Texas! No, I’m not a cowboy, but I do have boots and can ride a horse and shoot a gun (not at the same time).

I studied English and linguistics in university for my bachelor’s degree, and then I studied TESOL for my master’s degree. I started teaching and tutoring English way back then. So far, I have about 14 years of experience in total. I tutored international students from China, Thailand, Japan and other countries, taught ESL to immigrants in community centers, and taught English to international students at a junior college, all while I lived in Texas. I have travelled and taught English in China and Thailand, to everyone from small children through university students all the way to adults and other teachers.

I have studied Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Thai, so I know what it is like to be a student learning a language. I am very patient and understanding, and I try my best to make my students feel comfortable and have fun while really learning!

I like teaching writing because it is a necessary skill but it can be very boring, so I try to make it interesting. I also enjoy teaching speaking. Actually, I have done minor research about both writing and speaking (teaching these to Thai speakers). If you want to improve either of those, or maybe you just want to practice conversation and ask questions about US culture, I’d love to help you out! We can chat so you can get to know me before deciding to study with me.

Rate:  300-400 baht/hour for 1-on-1 or 500 baht/hour for 2 people and 100 baht/hour for each additional person (e.g., 3 people = 600 baht/hour, 4 people = 700 baht/hour, etc.);

***Schedule a free consultation to meet and get to know him.***

In my free time, I enjoy playing with my children and cooking with my wife. Coffee, photography and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are my favorite hobbies. In the future, I want to try farming or retrofitting classic cars to run on batteries and electric motors as hobbies with my father.

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